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Region 78 Coach Rules

  • RULE #1 - NO DISPUTES ON THE FIELD BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER THE GAME - This includes both volunteers AND spectators - our children are on the field. Please contact your Division Director for any issues. Coaches will be asked to help keep the sidelines positive. ***Remember AYSO's SIX PHILOSOPHIES

  • RESPECT THE REFEREE - Coaches must respect all decisions of the referee (no arguing or other forms of dissent)...The match begins & ends with the referee. (Please note, from the 2017-18 Laws of the Game: "The integrity of the Laws, and the referees who apply them, must always be protected and respected. All those in authority, especially coaches and team captains, have a clear responsibility to the game to respect the match officials and their decisions.")

  • MEDICAL RELEASES - Coaches must carry signed (wet ink or e-signed) medical releases for all practices & games.

  • LINE-UP CARDS - Coaches must give printed line-up card to referee before each match. SEE BELOW SECTION ON INLEAGUE TEAM SET-UP, LINE-UP CARDS, ETC..
  • SUBSTITUTION RULES - Coaches must follow 3/4 Rule  (8U, 10U, 12U, 14U) - No player plays 4 "quarters" until all players play 3. NOTE: In the event it's not mathematically possible for every player to play 3 quarters, Coaches should adjust weekly lineup so it's not the same kids playing 2 quarters each week.

  • NO "FREE SUBSTITUTION" - This means players may only be substituted at the "quarter Breaks" (approx. midway through each half when the referee indicates a quarter break). ***The substitution rule is different for Upper Division - see Director for updated  Area 1P rules.

  • GOALKEEPER RULES - Coaches must follow Goalkeeper Rule (10U, 12U) - In the interest of player development, we discourage the idea of a "dedicated goalkeeper". Up through 12U, all players who play GK in a game MUST also play at least 1Q on the field. In 10U, no player may play more than 2Q at GK. in 12U, no player may play more that 3 quarters at GK. Similar to our Substitution rule, coaches should rotate the line-up to give players more opportunities for field playing time.

  • NO REF/ NO GAME - All games must have a CERTIFIED referee to CR. If no referee is available to manage the game, the match may only proceed as a friendly "scrimmage"...only CERTIFIED VOLUNTEERS may act as "referee" (usually, this might mean just the coaches...each team coach will referee half the game each).

  • FIELD SET-UP/ BREAKDOWN - Coaches (and parents) are responsible for field set-up/ breakdown. Additionally, some teams may be asked to assist with various volunteer needs including field set-up/ breakdown, "field monitors", etc. Volunteerism & teamwork define our program...we ask that coaches lead their teams on & off the field.


Game Schedule & Ref Schedule...

Game Schedule LINK HERE
*NOTE: PLEASE be PATIENT. Full season schedule may not be published until later in September. If you have any potential conflicts, please let us know ASAP (email [email protected]). Team forfeits are not fair to the other team...please notify us ahead of time so we can all do our best to make a game of it. 

If a team is missing players, it's reasonable to "play short"...teams may with minimum number of players for 11v11 game (7 players), 9v9 game (6 players), 7v7 (5 players). Keep in mind that if a team is short, the opponent will NOT be required to play short (for example, if you are playing 11v11 and only have 10 players, you will play 10v11).

Ref Self-Scheduler LINK HERE
Referee Volunteers may sign up each week (or further in advance) for games during the season as their schedule suits them. Referees may NOT sign up for games with their own children. Teams in 10U & above should have at least 1-2 referee volunteers. Keep in mind that a full ref crew is 3 referee VOLUNTEERS (1 "Center Referee" & 2 "Assistant Referees"). It is expected that a team will provide at least 1 referee before or after the game they play each week. This may be difficult early in the season, but all parents should consider taking the Regional Referee trainings offered in September (NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED - for more info, contact [email protected])

***RULE: ONLY certified refs can ref - 
If no referee is available, coaches may agree to act as "referees" for a friendly scrimmage (usually doing a half a game each).

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7850 Melrose Ave Los Angeles California United States 90046

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COACHES - All the forms you need...

Note: The inLeague platform is in transition & has 2 versions of the platform ("inLeague Classic" and "20th Anniversary App"). Use the CLASSIC edition to access team roster functionality.

In inLeague Classic, under the TEAMS tab, you can:

  1. Edit/ Enter team name/colors & jersey numbers
  2. Access Team Contact Information (under "Team Rosters" section)
  3. Print Medical Releases (under "Team Rosters" section)
  4. Print Line-Up Cards  (under "Team Rosters" section)
Screenshot below of the Team Rosters section (under the TEAMS tab)"

IMPORTANT: Also, from the Team Rosters page, Coaches must do this for the "E-signed Medical Release Archive" - print up - coaches MUST carry paper medical releases with them for ALL practices & games


For injuries that require medical attention, please go here for Injury Incident Report. Please forward to Regional Commissioner AND Safety Director.

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